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We ship delicious seeded and seedless watermelons year round.  Our melons are offered in bulk, bins or cartons with PLU numbers.




Pictured below is our state of the art Watermelon line.  Our watermelons come from the fields in plastic bins which are then emptied onto the line.  The Watermelons pass through a chlorinated bath and are checked carefully by our crew to ensure they are of the highest quality.



 The Watermelons are electronically sized to ensure that our customers receive the correct size and weight in each bin.  (see screen below)

Watermelon_Line_2010Once the Watermelons reach the end of the line they have been washed, disinfected, labeled and are now ready to go into the bin.  They are placed in the bins by size.  The smallest Watermelons will go into a 60 count bin, the medium sized go into a 45 count bin and the largest go into a 35 count bin.

If you would like information on how to pick out a good watermelon when you are at the store or market please click here.  Once on this web site if you continue on to Fun Facts and FAQ it will provide you with the guidance you need to pick the perfect watermelon.

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