Sweet Potatoes

So sweet, it's basically dessert!

Sweet Potatoes

In the south we love our tea sweet - and our potatoes the exact same way. The North Carolina sweet potato is the envy of all other potatoes worldwide.

North Carolina is one of the top producers of sweet potatoes.  The climate is perfect for producing the highest quality sweet potatoes available.

North Carolina sweet potatoes are known as a “Super Food.”

Sweet potatoes have fewer calories, carbs, starch and more than 1,000x the amount of Vitamin A than any brand of white potatoes.

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Shipping dates: Year round

Shipping Points:  Autryville, NC and Chadboune,NC

Size Options:  #1, #2, Jumbo; 40 lb carton
Size Options: microwavables, steambags, mesh bags

Covington "Orange" Sweet Potatoes

JFC sweet potatoes have a distinct orange color, sweet flavor, large size and unrivaled health benefits that make it the perfect side or feature of any meal.

Since we have our hands in the entire process, we can make sure that we are delivering the best products from our family farm to your family’s table.

White Sweet Potatoes

A southern-cooking staple, white sweet potatoes are very similar to that of an orange sweet potato.

However, this sweet potato variety has a golden skin color, creamy white flesh and crumbly texture.

If you enjoy sweet potatoes but prefer a milder flavor, white sweet potatoes will do the trick! They can be prepared for either sweet or savory dishes.
Did you know: Roast sweet potato slices in the oven and honey drizzled over them. Then sprinkle with cinnamon to make them extra tasty and a very nutritious snack.