Jackson Farming Company is a family-owned and operated business, located in the heart of Sampson County near Fayetteville, NC.  We grow, pack, ship and broker fresh fruits and vegetables year round.  laying_plastic



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Pictured above is a tractor laying plastic over the soil, our crew placing the transplants and our crew harvesting cantaloupes.  Pictured below is a field and also a picture of Brent and Rodney Jackson in the field showing the beautiful cantaloupes.


Jackson Farming Company has been growing and shipping some of North Carolina's finest fruits and vegetables since the early - 80's.  In 1986, a couple of local growers asked us to help them move some of their produce.  In 1986 Jackson Farming Company began it's journey to become one of North Carolina's finest marketers of farm fresh produce.

From harvest to your table, Jackson Farming Co. is dedicated to using the most modern and efficient means of production.  We were the first growers in North Carolina to have implemented a state-of-the-art mechanical cantaloupe grading line that cleans melons with chlorinated water and adds PLU stickers at the same time.  Showing our commitment to food safety, in 2013 we renovated our cantaloupe grading line using stainless steel.  We also completely enclosed the packing area. 

Pictured below you will see our cantaloupes taking their journey down the line.







Pictured here are Ronald and Noe who keep our Melon production running smoothly.

Jackson Farming is dedicated to providing it's customers with new and exciting products.  In 2001 we introduced the sprite melon.  The sprite melon shown here, is a unique melon that has the combined features of a pear, a honeydew and a watermelon.

JFC's fruit and vegetable produce operation now includes 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, and brand new 12,000 square foot air-forced cooler, a 6,000 square foot packing shed and an ice plant.  These newly expanded facilities allow us to pre-cool 20 tractor/trailer loads of melons.  Pictured below are our cantaloupes in the cooler before being shipped.

We also operate our own fleet of trucks.  Tony Hunt is our lead driver and has been with us for 20 years.  Pictured below is Tony along with Brent Jackson.

As a vendor, we offer year-round fill-in orders, binning services, ad lids, ad promotions and personnel to offer free samples at new store openings.  No customer is too large or small.

At Jackson Farming Company, we feel that being the largest at something does not make you the best unless you are willing to strive for perfection.  That's something we do every day with service and quality beyond comparison.  Give us a call and try our quality products for yourself and become yet another of our satisfied customers.
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