Meet the Team

Founders of
Jackson Farming Company
Founders of JFC

Brent serves as the Chairmen of the Board of JFC, and his wife, Debbie is the Senior Secretary/ Treasurer. Both still assist in the day-to-day operations, and always are willing to help with any farm duty.

Find more on Brent and Debbie Jackson's story by visiting the history page.

Brent Jackson

Debbie Jackson

Rodney Jackson


Rodney, the son of Brent and Debbie Jackson, has been managing all Jackson Farming Company farm operations since 2010.  In December 2017, Rodney became President & CEO of JFC. 

Rodney can be reached at rodney@jfcmelons.com

Sales Team 

Matt Solana

Vice President Operations 
With JFC since 2005

Matt's role is to work together with the farm and supermarket customers to supply their needs, product flow, food safety, trace back, insurance, labeling and product specs. 

Additionally, he is the President of the ECGA (Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association.) Jackson Farming Company is a Certified Grower under ECGA guidelines which are some of the most stringent in the industry.

Reach Matt at mattsolana@jfcmelons.com

John Michael Wooten

Sales Representative

With JFC since 2014

John Michael handles key chain store accounts for JFC and aquires new business.  He also sources produce from our  expanding grower network

Reach John Michael at  jwooten@jfcmelons.com

Joy Button Norby 

Sales Represenative & Analyst​​
With JFC since 2007

Joy is a jack of all trades – Managing key chain store accounts, working with invoicing, grower accounting, and sales analysis. She currently has over 25 years of produce experience.

Reach Joy at joybutton@jfcmelons.com

Ray Anderson

Grower Relations Manager &​ Sales Representative
With JFC since 2015

Ray assists our growers in Florida and Georgia in quality control and food safety. He also works with procurement of product and is responsible for managing several key sales accounts.

Ray is USDA trained on inspections of various commodities. 

Reach Ray at rayanderson@jfcmelons.com

Office Team 

Heather Register

Food Safety Coordinator

With JFC since March 2011​

Heather works with Safety and Food Safety, and also coordinates the H2-A workers.

Reach Heather at hregister@jfcmelons.com

Charlie Siska

With JFC since 2008

Charlie is responsible for all Corporate Accounting, Payroll, Granary Accounting and Insurance.

Reach Charlie at csiska@jfcmelons.com

Production Team 

Lamar Honeycutt

Shop Manager​​
With JFC since 2018

Lamar manages the field crews and supervises the prduction of our fresh produce and row crops.

Reach Lamar at Lamarhoneycutt@jfcmelons.com

Grace Grains Team

James Norris

General Manager
With JFC since 2011

James is the General Manager of Grace Grains and supervises all operations within. 

Tiffany Horne

Office Manager
With JFC since 2017

Tiffany manages the office at Grace Grains.  She adjusts grain quotes to market trends that correlate with the Chicago Mercantile Exchage.  She also cordinates the shipping and recieving of commodities.

Reach Tiffany at tiffanyhorne@jfcmelons.com